e-Mountain Bike Tours Beechworth – Indigo Epic Trail

e-Mountain Bike Tours

Why ride an eMTB and why go on a tour?

Have more fun, fit more in and see local secret sites!

Trails here are absolutely stunning, but they do go up and down. (And up and down again!) An e-mountain bike allows you to enjoy the trails and scenery while making riding much more accessible.

Our tours are led by locals who are absolutely passionate about showing off our Beechworth-Yackandandah trail network and our beautiful landscape. 

The trail network is enormous! Over 100km. We know the best bits to maximise your fun and include some secret extra site seeing along the way. 

Our guides know the area really well and will tailor every ride to the group we have.

Our standard Tours come in both Beginner and Intermediate levels, with Advanced available for the more experienced.

We will help you get the most out riding an eMTB and provide an unforgettable ride experience!

Saturday / Sunday. AM / PM. The choice is yours.

Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced Tours. Morning or Afternoon. 3.5 hour and 5.5 hour options. Our e-Mountain Bikes (eMTBs) or Yours.

We are a small, family-run business, with a passion to provide an amazing adventure experience to everyone. We are a specialist Adventure Tourism operator, meaning this is not your average Rail Trail / Winery tour!

Our Beginner tour will provide the same enjoyment & excitement to a beginner rider as the Intermediate or Advanced tours do for those more experienced! You’ll experience stunning trails and scenery, all in a controlled environment.

Prefer things a little more adventurous and have a little experience under your belt? An Intermediate tour will include some of the more technical trails, with options to link back to easier fire trail.

Got plenty of experience and like to push your limits? An Advanced private tour will take you on trickier technical terrain. 

All tours are typically 4 participants (plus guide) to ensure a personal experience.

Which tour is right for me?

Tour available On Demand

  • Looking to experience mountain biking for the first time.
  • Would like to see what the thrills are about in a very easy and controlled environment.
  • Includes the Green-rated Baarmutha Belter descent, then predominantly fire trails and easy single track.

Available every weekend, book here

  • For those who have ridden a few times and are familiar with the basics
  • Includes all the Flow trails of the Indigo Epic without the technical trails
  • The first descent is the Green-rated Baarmutha Belter before the Blue-rated Homeward Bound

Available every weekend, book here

  • For the more experienced rider
  • Includes all the Flow trails of the Indigo Epic and a few slightly more technical trails
  • Expect a faster speed than the Beginner group

Tour available On Demand

  • For the experienced rider looking to include harder technical trails
  • Includes all the Flow trails of the Indigo Epic
  • Expect a faster speed than Intermediate
  • Typically someone who has been riding 5+ years

Tour available On Demand

  • This is limited to very experienced riders who want to see areas only accessible on an eMTB.
  • Expect multiple sections at 25%+ gradients (up and down)
  • Those coming from a technical Motocross background may enjoy the Expert tour as the skills required blend MTB & Motocross

What does a tour involve?

We run a Morning & Afternoon tours, with on-demand Full Epic (56km) tours. All tours start with a meet and greet of your guide and the other participants.
We provide you with an eMTB and an overview of how it works. 
Our home trail network has a loop with a simple descent and climb to help you start.
Then we head off for a short ride on easy roads to the start of the trails.

At all times your guide will be giving you an idea of what’s coming up, along with photo / rest breaks (and some secret site seeing; shhh, don’t tell anyone!)
When we finish our End of Trip shower facilities are available, so you can continue your holiday fresh!

Morning tours run 8am – 11.30am. 

Afternoon tours run 1.30pm – 5pm.

Full Epic tours run 8am – 1.30pm.

E-Mountain Bike Tours in Beechworth, Victoria