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Indigo Epic Super Flow

Indigo Epic Super Flow Tour: 5.5 Hour Adventure

Do you love descending? We have created this custom 5.5 hour Indigo Epic Super Flow ride just for you. 

Join us on a ultra thrilling tour focusing on the best of the best – the Baarmutha Belter and Homeward Bound descents. You’ll get to ride them not once but twice!

Please note: The Indigo Epic Super Flow ride is an ‘on request’ ride given the distance and time it takes. Please contact us to enquire.

Who is this ride perfect for?

If you love descending and not so keen on the technical stuff, then this is the ride for you. We have included over 20km of sublime descending. 

This ride is perfect for intermediate – advanced riders. For this ride that means those who have mountain biked a few times and are familiar with the basics. You should feel confident descending blue trails. You’ll get to ride the two main flow descents of the Indigo Epic twice and we’ll leave out the more technical trails. 


E-Mountain Bike Tours in Beechworth, Victoria

What does the route include?

We’ll start this 3.5 tour at our 15 acre property – only 3km drive from Beechworth and very close to the Indigo Epic Baarmutha Belter descent. This will be the first descent, allowing you to warm up and get your eye in.  Next you’ll ride to the Homeward Bound descent where you’ll ride up again followed by a second descent. Lastly, you’ll make your way back to the Baarmutha Belter descent for a final run


What's included in the tour?

We’ll provide you with one of our dual suspension eMTB’s. All our bikes are fitted with a dropper post to make descending easier.

We can provide flat pedals or SPDs, just let us know when you book. 

Lastly, our tour packages include helmets, drink bottles, gloves, and glasses, ensuring you have everything you need for a safe and comfortable ride. Focus on the thrill; we’ll take care of the rest!

Note we don’t supply full face helmets, please bring your own if you prefer to ride with one. 

Got your own eMTB? No worries, would love to take you on this tour – just make sure your eMTB is in good working order prior to arriving and is appropriate for this length of riding. 

Contact Us

The Indigo Epic Super Flow ride is an ‘on request’ ride given the distance and time it takes. Please email us [email protected] or call us on 03 7044 8985 to enquire.

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